Batereanu Valeria

The Challenger experience or, in my case, the long-term impact: Challenger is a project that changes visions and perspectives. For a year, I learned that any opinion has the right to exist, as long as it is argued and structured. One of the biggest challenges is to motivate and explain to people around you how important argumentation is and why you need to do it. After graduation, you understand that you want to live in a society where people express their opinion based on thorough documentation and not just subjective reasoning. Due to an intense year full of trainings and debates, you get to ask yourself the question “why?” more often and you can no longer blindly believe everything that is said by experts, politicians or the media; you always seek to find more reasoned perspectives of a particular case.


Challenger graduates have always been actively involved young people. Here you can see what publications, initiatives and organizations they have managed to develop both within the program and after graduation.

Challenger 7: Un teaser scurt despre ce facem noi la Challenger și ce poți învăța aici!