Dicusar Selina

Non-governmental sector
Without exaggeration, Challenger pulled me out of my comfort zone from the very first stage. In addition to the experience gained during the debating sessions, the most valuable thing was the people I met, befriended and got to work with. If I could, I would definitely become a participant once again, because Challenger is about people, fun and experience through practice.


Challenger graduates have always been actively involved young people. Here you can see what publications, initiatives and organizations they have managed to develop both within the program and after graduation.

AVEM CE VOTAM (WE HAVE WHAT WE VOTE) Campaign: Young people want jobs according to their specialization!, 2020.
Challenger 7: Un teaser scurt despre ce facem noi la Challenger și ce poți învăța aici!
Challenger 7: The first online debate competition!