Gaidei Simona

Translation and interpretation (English-German)
For me, Challenger is the program that paved the way for new opportunities. Here I learned how to identify a problem and how to come up with proper solutions. I learned what a good, conclusive speech looks like. Challenger is different from other programs, namely because of the dedication of the organizers to the participants. Personally, I was impressed with the support of the mentors throughout the program. In my opinion, it is one of the few projects that creates a community of graduates, with whom it maintains a permanent connection through various events and opportunities. For this reason, it is a program that continues after graduation and is not limited to a certain period of time.


Challenger graduates have always been actively involved young people. Here you can see what publications, initiatives and organizations they have managed to develop both within the program and after graduation.

Challenger 7: Un teaser scurt despre ce facem noi la Challenger și ce poți învăța aici!
Challenger 7: The first online debate competition!