Sculea Olga

Monitoring and Results Measuring Coordinator at HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation
Challenger meant for me communication, knowledge and friendship with active brave people open to new acquaintances! I participated in the program in order to interact with young people who think openly and freely. I had the opportunity to receive unique knowledge during trainings, mentoring and coaching sessions from the best mentors in the program. The most valuable experience I received was during debates, nothing makes you more confident than participating in debates! You get a kind of adrenaline and unique emotions! I recommend everyone to apply to this unique and useful program for young people in Moldova! You improve your critical thinking, you learn to argue your positions better and you become a better negotiator! ;) If I had the chance, I would apply again to the program! :)


Challenger graduates have always been actively involved young people. Here you can see what publications, initiatives and organizations they have managed to develop both within the program and after graduation.

Challenger 7: Un teaser scurt despre ce facem noi la Challenger și ce poți învăța aici!
Challenger 7: The first online debate competition!