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What is Challenger?

CHALLENGER is a one-year program for young people aged between 18 and 35, working in various fields. The program trains young people to critically analyze society issues, as well as to propose and debate solutions to the problems they face.

Description of the "CHALLENGER School of Critical Thinking" program, 2021.
Recruitment campaign, 2018.
Recruitment campaign, 2021.
Launch of the 7th edition of the CHALLENGER program, 2019.
Youth Manifesto 2019-2020: Public Policy Dialogues, 2021.
Briefly about the first edition of the Challenger School of Leadership and Critical Thinking in Russian, 2021.
Here you learn how to:

Here you learn how to:

  • identify and solve community issues;
  • communicate with people and authorities;
  • build arguments and eloquently present your position;
  • research and develop strategies for solving various issues;
  • understand what a left-wing or right-wing policy is;
  • think analytically and develop policies based on real needs;
  • get involved in the decision-making process and interact with decision makers.