"We have what we vote" 2021: Young people encouraged to vote… on TikTok!

"We have what we vote" 2021: Young people encouraged to vote… on TikTok!

Challenger urges young people to vote consciously and launches a video challenge - "Why I vote on July 11". Young people are invited to present, through a series of representative images, the reasons why they will participate in the early parliamentary elections. The most original videos will be awarded.

The "We Have What We Vote" campaign takes place on TikTok and aims to inform young people about the July 11 early parliamentary elections, in simple and accessible language. Through a series of videos, Challenger wants to increase the interest of young people and encourage them to find out about electoral candidates and their offers for young people.

If you want to join the campaign, you can do so with a 15-second video. Challenger will reward the most successful videos.

How can I take part in the challenge?

1. If you are not a TikTok user, download the app and register. You will be able to edit the video quickly and easily, directly in the app.

2. Go to the TikTok Challenger.md page and see more examples. Don't forget to check out the page for useful and fun information about elections.

3. Using the app, film yourself for 5 seconds as you look at your camcorder. Add to this short sequence the text "Why I vote on July 11".

4. Select the photos and attach them to the 5 second sequence.

5. Select one of the trendy songs, add  the hashtags #avemcevotăm and #challenger and post the video.


IMPORTANT: Videos must be neutral and not promote a political candidate. All videos that contain images of political opponents or their symbols will be disqualified.

Can I join the campaign without using TikTok?

The campaign encourages as many young people as possible to communicate to their colleagues and friends about the July 11, 2021 elections. The videos can also be posted on Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #avemcevotăm and #challenger.

For more details, visit the Challenger pages on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.