Challenger Gagauzia - The needs of the Youth of Gagauzia

Challenger Gagauzia - The needs of the Youth of Gagauzia

The initiative group "Challenger Gagauzia" has identified the most significant problems that young people in the region face and proposed solutions to these problems.

In the fall of 2023, participants from Challenger Gagauzia conducted a survey in which 264 young people from the largest settlements of the autonomy took part.

According to the survey results, young people in Gagauzia believe that they need more opportunities for development, more chances to secure well-paid jobs so that they don't have to migrate. 

After a thorough analysis of the questionnaire responses, the main identified problems and corresponding percentages are presented below:

Opportunities for development - 34%
Availability of jobs - 26%
Youth incomes - 12%
Quality of education - 10%
Youth motivation - 7%
Migration - 3%
Other problems - 8%

What's next?

1. We will present the research results and developed solutions to the residents of Gagauzia, as well as to the authorities of Gagauzia and Chisinau;
2. In March, we will organize a roundtable to discuss solutions and the results of negotiations with the authorities for the youth of Gagauzia and the rest of the Republic of Moldova;
3. We will continue to inform young people about the obtained results.