Young Challengers develop projects

Young Challengers develop projects

In addition to the three stages of the program, CHALLENGER participants were involved in other projects. All CHALLENGER activities follow the same principles:

  • Direct communication with people;
  • Ongoing reporting to citizens;
  • Communication with the authorities;
  • Mobilizing the community around a priority;
  • Sustainable and responsible financing of solutions;
  • Researching the topics, specifically in the field.

In 2014, the participants organized the „Da’ eu votez (YES, I VOTE!)” citizen education campaign to encourage students in Chisinau university campuses to vote consciously in parliamentary elections. During this, Challengers interacted directly with over 1000 students. They collected more than 500 questions, analyzed them and sent them to the parties with a chance to accede into the Parliament. Candidates’ answers to the students' specific questions were distributed from door to door in the campuses. The participants also produced a video, which gathered over 10,000 views in a few days. They organized other events for students.


Informing young people in student campuses in Chisinau, October 2014.

In 2015, Challengers organized the online campaign "Cântăreşte-ţi votul (Weigh Your Vote)" to encourage people to participate in the local elections in Chisinau. The young people collected five priorities of the residents of Chisinau, and invited everyone  to vote online for the problem that must be solved in the first place. Two events were organized as well: one in the Central Park and the other in front of City Hall, where passers-by were invited to vote for their priority and were given informational materials. Residents of Chisinau were surprised and excited that someone was asking them their opinion about the city's needs, but said that "such actions should be organized between election campaigns as well."

Sondaj în faţa Primăriei Municipiului Chişinău. Iunie 2015

Poll in front of the Chisinau City Hall, June 2015.

This is how the Primaria Mea (My City Hall) platform appeared, with the aim to ensure an efficient and transparent communication between Chisinau residents and councilors from the Chisinau Municipal Council. On their website you can find summaries of Municipal Council sittings and news about the activity of the local public authorities, you can initiate petitions and find other information.

For the 2016 presidential elections, representatives of three Challenger editions ran four campaigns for students in Soroca, Cahul, Balti and Chisinau. They collected questions from them and returned with answers from the candidates running in both the first and second rounds. Through the AVEM CE VOTAM (WE HAVE WHAT WE VOTE) campaign, Challengers interacted directly with over 3,000 young people offline and with over 40,000 online.

Eveniment de vizibilitate în cadrul campaniei AVEM CE VOTĂM Octombrie 2016

Visibility event within the WE HAVE WHAT WE VOTE campaign, October 2016.

Challenger - 2 graduates have launched a campaign for rehabilitating underground passageways in Chisinau. They surveyed 150 passersby about what is bothering them and what should be solved in the first place, other 300 people answered online. The campaign is now underway. More details here.

For developing projects, Challengers participate in workshops on campaign planning, message development, writing, and literature development.

The CHALLENGER program keeps in touch with all its graduates and creates a network of young people dedicated to democratic values ​​who understand political participation and do not hesitate to apply their knowledge and skills.