Comunitatea Plus

Comunitatea Plus was created in 2021, by Challenger grduates from different editions. Our main goal is to empower communities in the Republic of Moldova.

Comunitatea Plus

Primăria MEA (My City Hall)

The community platform Primaria Mea (My City Hall) wants a comfortable, accessible and beautiful Chisinau. For 5 years now, they explain and analyze the activity of the LPAs in Chisinau and its suburbs Codru and Durlești. The organization presents information about local authorities in an accessible manner and involves citizens in its activities. They believe that when people monitor the authorities and get involved in decision-making, the quality of decisions and life in general increases. A good city is a joint effort!


The deFacto project is an online platform that informs voters about the responsibilities of elected politicians and monitors how responsible and open they are to citizens. We believe that we can help voters adjust their expectations regarding the competencies of elected politicians. By monitoring their activity and degree of responsibility, voters will be able to make a more informed choice.

Guvernul Meu (My Government)

My Government is a public association formed in 2021 by the graduates of the 6th edition of the Challenger program. The association aims to bring young people closer to the Government, and the Government closer to the real needs of young people, by creating a common space for communication.

Challenger Plus (+)

Challenger (+) is a hub for personal development and networking, designed for program graduates to develop projects and activities in the spirit and philosophy of Challenger.