The deFacto platform is an independent project that aims to monitor the degree of responsibility and electoral commitments assumed by the elected national officials and to inform the citizens about their progress.

The platform was created by graduates of several editions of the Challenger program, as a result of the "Avem ce Votam (We Have What We Vote)" campaign which aimed to motivate young people to participate in the 2016 presidential election.

In the following period, the platform monitored the progress of the electoral promises made by the President of the Republic of Moldova. At the end of 2018, deFacto expanded its activity and started monitoring the progress of the promises made by the elected MPs in 46 constituencies. In this regard, the team visited each of the 46 constituencies to find out the citizens’ knowledge of their MPs, the promises they made and what they are doing to fulfill them.

In 2020, deFacto launched two online tools to facilitate interaction between elected officials and citizens.

  • The online opinion platform Parerea Ta (Your Opinion) - a 100% local product that is currently used by civic groups, local public authorities and MPs to communicate with citizens.
  • The index of responsibility of the MPs through which the platform monitors the activity of the MPs  and evaluates the degree of their responsibility based on the attributions they use.

In 2021, following the "Avem ce Votam (We Have What We Vote)" campaign, deFacto found out the voters' priorities and collected the electoral promises of the candidates running in the parliamentary elections. After the validation of the mandates of the newly elected MPs. Currently, 10 Challenger graduates are monitoring the work of the 101 elected members of the Parliament.