Guvernul Meu (My Government)

Guvernul Meu (My Government)

Given the fact that the information provided by the Government in its strategies or documents aimed at young people is sometimes difficult to understand and is presented in sophisticated academic language, My Government aims to increase young people's understanding of what the Government is doing for them and to draw the Government's attention to the real problems and priorities of young people.

How are we going to do that?

Step 1: Research

Identifying the problems and priorities of young people in the Republic of Moldova through questionnaires, consultations and discussions with young people.

Step 2: Analysis and monitoring

Analysis and monitoring of the activity of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the fields of interest for young people.

Step 3: Informing

Informing young people about the actions taken for them by the authorities through informative videos, short articles and official documents for everyone to understand. Communicating the priorities and needs of young people to  the Government through letters, petitions and discussions.

Step 4: Action

We call on the Government to take the necessary measures to promote the priorities of young people and we monitor the work of the executive.